Do hookups ruin relationships or eventually make them stronger

There are two opposite opinions, that casual sex is harmful for serious relationships and that it strengthens them a lot. Let’s see what actual participants tell about this delicate matter.

“I used to have casual affairs from time to time and we agreed not to call them cheating”, Robert from NY shares. “My girlfriend was very understanding and compromising in that regard.

But it was only until I hookuped in Denver online with a young model-looking girl who she considered dangerous and competitive. Although I swore there was nothing serious, it gradually ruined our love and trust.

It brought me to the conclusion not all casual stories should be told to your partner openly, doesn’t matter how open-minded you both seemed at the beginning. Be wise, and be careful”.

“My husband and I, we got married when we were still too young. We became very young parents and never really hookuped with the others. Later, we came to the point it was necessary for us.

If we didn’t get the opportunity to express ourselves with other lovers, we would most probably end up in divorce. So I think, it was a good solution to have casual affairs from time to time”.

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