How to Successfully Date Spanish Women

Date Spanish WomenSpanish women differ from others that fall into the Latin category. They are actually European, and their dating culture and social habits reflect the European way. Dating them successfully requires an understanding of their dating culture. The thing is, googling ‘how to be a Latin lover in Spanish’ will only get you so far. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. The following tips focus on impressing the hottest Spanish women while helping to ensure an overall successful quest.

Be Masculine and Rugged

First and foremost, embrace your masculinity. Spanish women really aren’t into pretty boys who put far too much effort into their appearance. Yeah, you want to be well groomed and dressed nice but that’s about it. If you want to attract the hottest Spanish women, it’s best to go in a more rugged direction since that is what they are sexually attracted to.

Be Persistent

You should also expect to be rejected at first. This is just what Spanish women do. In fact, this is their way of testing man to see how hard he’s willing to work to woo her. To put it simply, it is a challenge and is certainly one you should take. Be charmingly persistent then enjoy the results of your efforts.

Be Flirty and Chivalrous

Speaking of efforts, your efforts should involve flirting and old-fashioned chivalry. One thing that all beautiful Spanish women have in common is that they like to flirt and enjoy being flirted with even more. The right way to flirt with Spanish women is simple. Be sweet and a little argumentative. You know, that kind of civilized arguing men do to playfully give women a hard time? Anything quick-witted will make you like her even more. And when it comes to chivalry, stick with the basics to make a woman feel taken care of. Nothing beats spending time with a man who seems to have everything under control.

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Be Romantic

Additionally, don’t forget to be romantic. In fact, start introducing romance into the equation from the start. Just don’t give it all to her right away. Instead, aim for bits and pieces that leave her craving more. Start with flowers, invite her on a romantic picnic and bring a basket including a bottle of red wine then continue to step up your game. The point of this is making those feel-good endorphins of hers rise while in your presence so that she wants more and more of your attention.

Build Physical Contact

The Spanish are not known for being overly affectionate, but women do like affection so start testing the boundaries sometime after the first or second date. They tend to be traditional meaning beautiful Spanish women must feel like they’re being courted no matter what your goal is. Just aim to be the Latin lover every woman dreams of. Most importantly, learn to read certain social cues that tell you when to make your move. You’ll notice things like her smiling more often, inching closer to you, opening her body language and so forth. Moreover, remember that if a woman truly likes you, she’ll like your affection too. Of course, you want to be a gentleman and start slow, but don’t be afraid to go for it.

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Learn to Dance

Also, learn to dance. The Spanish are big dancers. They dance to have fun, blow off steam after a busy week and when the opportunity arises. They love it because dancing is part of their culture. If you don’t want to be a downer once music starts playing, learn a few moves. Your skills don’t have to be perfect. Just strive for enough skill to show a woman a good time. No Spanish girl wants to be with a guy who won’t join her on the dance floor.

Tread Lightly on Certain Topics

Another helpful tip is to avoid any talks of past relationships (even if she asks) and watch where your eyes wander. Spanish women tend to be kind of jealous. That combined with their fiery tempers could mean trouble for you.

Follow the provided advice and you will have your pick of beautiful Spanish women. Sounds great, right? Well, you might as well begin your quest now. Lots of good times await!

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