Venezuelan Women Whatsapp Contact Numbers

Venezuelan Women Whatsapp Contact Numbers

If you ask a foreigner what he associates with Venezuela, he will most likely call the extravagant president of the country Hugo Chavez, oil and, if to ask a resident of the Western countries, he will call baseball. And for the Venezuelans themselves, the indisputable symbol of their country is the local women, whose beauty is recognized throughout the world.

Venezuela is a unique country, where almost everyone aspires to an ideal form. They start caring about appearance almost since childhood. It can be said without exaggeration that participation in various beauty contests has become a national hobby for Venezuelans. Beauty, as is known, requires sacrifices, including material ones. Not surprisingly, Venezuela is in the first place in the world both in cosmetics purchases and in the number of plastic surgeries. The most popular gift for the 16th anniversary there has long been considered an operation to correct the nose or chest.

Venezuelan women do not even go out without makeup. They feel attractive. In Venezuela, the so-called “Cuban style” is very popular – lush forms. Women like that the buttocks are big and this part of the body should be noticeable.  Most of the young Venezuelans somehow already adjusted their appearance.

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But in fact the situation in country is not so colorful than on TV show. Yes, in Venezuella there live a lot of beautiful girls, but still the majority of women are plump or even fat. Very often, figures are ugly, The waist that is wider than the shoulders, is the norm. In Venezuela, there is a good tip that perfectly reflects the essence of this problem – “everything that does not kill me makes me fatter”.

So if you briefly speak about the beauty of the Venezuelan nation (not spiritual, which is certainly present), but physical, then: “Venezuelans are one of the most ugly nations in the world.” What is the reason? Too little movement (sport is not in the process), early family life and a lot of bad food in the form of countless pies, rolls, snacks, chickens, etc.  But if you want to get acquainted with beautiful ladies, then our service will provide you with free whatsapp number list of the hottest Venezuela girls.

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